Orbea Rise M-Team Blue/Gold – S


Welcome to the future of e-Mountain Biking with the Orbea Rise – where innovation meets exhilaration, and every ride becomes an unforgettable adventure. Experience the magic of Rider Synergy as the Rise responds instantly to your every move, multiplying your efforts and propelling you forward as if you possessed superhuman strength. Get ready to embrace the freedom of riding with ease and revel in the pure fun of exploring new trails.

Lightness Redefined: Orbea Rise sets a new standard in e-MTBs by obsessively shedding weight without compromising on performance. As one of the lightest electric mountain bikes on the market, Rise empowers you to conquer even the most challenging terrains with unrivaled agility and responsiveness. Prepare to redefine what’s possible with an e-MTB as you effortlessly float, pop, manual, and slice through corners, leaving your worries behind as you disappear into the distance.

Unleash Your Inner Trailblazer: With the Orbea Rise, every ride becomes an opportunity to unleash your full potential. The revolutionary Rider Synergy feature ensures that the bike instantly adapts to your pedaling power, making you feel stronger than ever before. Experience the thrill of conquering steep climbs with ease and relish the exhilarating acceleration as you surge forward, leaving the competition behind.

Seamless Power Delivery: The Rise boasts instantaneous and lag-free power delivery, ensuring a ride that feels entirely natural and intuitive. Say goodbye to clunky and cumbersome electric assistance – with the Rise, you can focus solely on the joy of riding while the bike takes care of the rest.

Reactive and Exciting Handling: The Rise’s lightweight design and lack of inertia contribute to its reactive and exciting handling. Glide through tight corners with ease, effortlessly maneuver through technical sections, and experience the thrill of popping and floating over obstacles. Embrace a level of agility and control that will elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Frame Rigidity and SBS System: Frame rigidity is vital to the exceptional handling of the Orbea Rise. With our SBS (Sidearm Brace System) technology, we achieve a lighter and stiffer frame, allowing us to fine-tune the rigidity for optimal performance – just like we do for our non-electric bikes. The result is a harmonious balance between lightweight design and uncompromising strength, delivering a ride that’s responsive and engaging.

Embrace the Rise: Join the revolution and experience the freedom, power, and joy of riding the Orbea Rise e-MTB. Discover the true potential of Rider Synergy, revel in the unmatched lightness, and explore the boundless possibilities that await you on every trail. Embrace the Rise and unlock the next level of e-Mountain Biking today. Your next adventure awaits.

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