SRAM Eagle Transmission: Blaze Trails Like Never Before

Are you ready for a seismic shift in the way you ride your mountain bike? We certainly are, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to the brand-new SRAM Eagle Transmission drive train system. At Regroup Coffee + Bicycles, we believe in bringing you the latest and greatest in the world of cycling, and the Eagle Transmission is nothing short of a game-changer.

Unleashing the Power of Eagle Transmission

Picture this: a wireless transmission system that’s not only radically robust but also completely integrated and interdependent, all built around the universal constant of the wheel axle itself. That’s what the SRAM Eagle Transmission is all about. It simplifies, strengthens, and extends the lifespan of your bike’s drive train to new limits.One of the most remarkable features is the Hangerless Interface, which allows the Eagle Transmission to work around the center of the rear axle, ensuring perfect shifting every time. Say goodbye to derailleur hangers and adjustment screws. With Eagle Transmission, you can shift flawlessly even under maximum power.

Cassette Mapping: Precision at Its Finest

Cassette Mapping is a marriage of firmware and hardware that ensures your shifts are perfectly timed, regardless of the load. With over 44 shifting points across the gear range, you can count on unparalleled shift precision and constant load transfer. This means uninterrupted power transfer as you conquer those challenging trails.

Setup Made Simple

Setting up the Eagle Transmission is a breeze, with just three simple steps and no special tools required. The best part? There are no adjustment screws on the Eagle Transmission derailleurs, eliminating the need for post-setup adjustments. You’ll be out on the trails faster than ever before.

Robustness Meets Simplicity

Eagle Transmission is designed for toughness. During prototyping, engineers even stood on the derailleur with their full body weight, and it still shifted perfectly. While we don’t recommend testing it to that extreme, you can rest easy knowing that Eagle Transmission is over-designed for those inevitable impacts and crashes.

Superior Chain Management

The Inline Cage of the Eagle Transmission derailleur ensures superior chain management and better longevity. The Magic Wheel, an oversized bottom pulley, rotates independently, preventing damaging jams or binds if a stick becomes lodged between the pulley and cage.

EMTB Ready

The Eagle Transmission isn’t just for traditional mountain bikes; it’s also engineered to handle the power of EMTBs. With the capability to handle up to 2,000W, it’s ready for anything you throw at it.

Customize Your Control

The Eagle Transmission AXS Pod Controllers are intuitive and programmable, allowing you to configure your controls to match your riding style. With the AXS app, you have the freedom to choose which button shifts up, which one shifts down, and which controls your Reverb dropper. It’s all about giving you the ultimate control.

Endless Mounting Possibilities

The Infinity Clamp and Bridge Clamp offer you an infinite number of mounting configurations for the ultimate freedom and a clean cockpit. These innovative designs ensure that your controls fit your preferences seamlessly.

Explore the Future of Mountain Biking

The SRAM Eagle Transmission is here to change the way you ride, providing unmatched reliability, toughness, and precision. At Regroup Coffee + Bicycles, we’re excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to our customers.Ready to experience the future of mountain biking? Visit our shop today and discover the SRAM Eagle Transmission for yourself. Your next adventure awaits.