The Omata One, described as a computer for the cycling purist, is a robust yet beautiful device that vastly stands out from its common digital competitors. Omata supplies you with all the data you do need, and nothing extra. The folks behind Omata know the value of getting out and enjoying time on the bike without fussing over beeps and alerts. Plus, shouldn’t everything on your bike look this good?

“As of late, the 3t exploro has been my bike of choice (out of my 6, so that should say something). It’s just so damn fun to ride. It is my first choice for exploration rides with no agenda, and that was the goal here. 

When nick, one of our shop owners, offered the omata up for a test ride i couldn’t wait to leave my current computer at home and mount this beauty onto my bars. Typically, i ride with a computer for the sake of saving phone battery while tracking my ride to share on strava, but 9 out of 10 times i throw it into my bar bag regardless of which bike or what ride i’m going on. It’s important for me to track my rides and my progress as it relates to my fitness, but staring down at a screen is already a part of my life 24/7. I absolutely loathe it. 

The omata is the anti-screen: a way to know what speed you’re traveling, how far you’ve climbed, how many miles you’ve traveled, and how long before you need to be home for dinner. 

I am infatuated with old stuff: willie nelson, old trucks, vinyl records, writing things on paper, stetson hats, the list goes on. The omata one fits incredibly well into that mix with its back end ability to make sure you snagged that kom, all while giving you the visual of analog metrics while riding. New meets old. 

You can focus on what you’re doing, enjoy where you’re riding and still have your ride data including power and heart rate afterward. It’s safe to say that the omata is going to become a permanent fixture on my bikes. For me, it’s about enjoying my time on the bike as much as it is important to monitor my fitness and efforts. The omata is available at regroup and we’d love to get you out to give one a try.”