By now you’ve probably been subject to an endless stream of emails and social media updates regarding changes and interruptions to service from your favorite coffee shop (us included) to every email list you don’t remember signing up for.

It was unavoidable as the news cycles went on and new information was revealed hour by hour. Local small businesses started trying to adapt, former windows constructed to allow open air dining became walk up/take out windows, If it could possibly be converted into a drive through, it was, and if there was a possible way to drive e-commerce it was exploited. With the boom came an eventual and expected bust. Once the crowds of small business supporting friends and family had spent all they could (THANK YOU ALL) things started to slow. We were not immune.

Now what? We asked as we all sat one morning in a room refreshing the news. The difficult call was made to suspend service at the newly opened Roaster location and reduce hours at Regroup Coffee + Bicycles. With downtime came the welcome chance to get both locations caught up on projects that quite frankly, we just haven’t had time for.

With some simple flip flopping of our floor plan, we were able to create coffee and bicycle areas that now make much more sense for our space. The remainder of 2020 is going to be spent focusing on a more curated selection of offerings in store as well as a major focus and overhaul of our bike service and repair offerings. We are still waiting on a few fixtures and displays to get all of our new product out, but theres no time like the present to scoop up that summer Pas Normal kit you’ve had your eye on. As for the Roaster location, we are still closed until further notice but have been getting things really dialed over the last few weeks!

Check out the quick photo gallery below and stop by Tuesday-Saturday to check things out. Please continue being smart, respect others wishes to social distance and enjoy a cup of coffee from 8am-12 in a to go paper cup for now! Bike shop to remain open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm. Look forward to seeing you all soon! Cheers.