Regroup Coffee + Bicycles will be playing host to Sparks Training Systems June 1 & 2. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about you, your performance and finally what your body actually needs for fuel rather than guessing based on new nutritional trends. 


Sparks Systems scientific approach to maximizing metabolic efficiency through nutrition, exercise and breathing will empower you with the tools to achieve your goals. By utilizing metabolic testing to pinpoint your exact nutritional and exercise needs we can deliver maximum return on investment. With Sparks Systems, you will reach your best possible result every time. 


The results from your metabolic testing assessment will provide you with a very accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses by determining what is really going on “under the hood”. We then take those results and create an individualized Sparks Strategy, which provides you with the means to improved health and performance, weight loss, and increasing your overall quality of life.  There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ results, we are just learning more about your individual physiology so we can help lead you to a life of health and wellness. 


An Individualized Sparks Strategy includes:

  1. personalized heart rate activity zones and a description of what they mean
  2. optimal fat burning heart rate zone (including metabolic efficiency point)
  3. basic exercise plan to improve your cardiovascular health
  4. customized meal plan for your individual metabolism
  5. breathing techniques for reducing stress & anxiety 
  6. tips for maximizing recovery and improving sleep

We are offering a 90-day metabolic efficiency challenge. This special $375 comprehensive package includes a 90-day retest for FREE! This package will include:


Resting Metabolic Test:

Determines your Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which represents how many calories your body needs for daily life functions.

Exercise Metabolic Test (on our upright bike):

Determines metabolic efficiency point, aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, individual heart rate activity zones, optimal fat burning heart rate zone, VO2 max, fuel selection during activity

Nutrition Services:

Sparks Nutrition is provided by a Registered Dietitian/Metabolic Efficiency Training SpecialistTM to guide clients towards health, wellness and fitness by modifying daily and sports nutrition to promote metabolic efficiency. You will receive a meal plan based off of your metabolic testing results and a consultation with our registered dietitian to go over your specific meal plan implementation. 


Let me help you get scheduled! 


We will be conducting testing on Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd from 6am – 6pm. Please plan on about an hour for testing. 


I have included a link to a Google Sheet. This will take you to a sign up sheet. I have a tab for Friday, June 1st and a tab for Saturday, June 2nd. Simply fill in your name on the day and time that works for you that is not already taken. 🙂